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‘Reading Made Easy’. English as a language is based on patterns which can be identified and used to help children learn.

Christine Newton: Founder

MA in English Literature (especially the grammar and contemporary writing components) and my current studies in psychology (Graduate Diploma in Psychology).

Start reading correctly

Learn to right way to teach your children to read. A skill they will use for life and will encourage them to become confident and successful young people.

Everyone can learn how!

If you feel that you or your child's reading skills are not up to scratch, simply follow Christines program and you will notice the change immediately.

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Happy Parents with Happy Kids

Christine has made such a difference to my son. He has improved his reading so much in only 6 weeks. I wish I had of started the programme sooner.
Andria S.
My daughter has always had trouble reading and because of dyslexia. Now that she can understand what she is reading, thanks to Christine her confidence skyrocketed.
Maria K.
Wow, what an overall difference Christine has made in my son. He used to refuse to sit still and read and now he just loves to learn. My biggest thanks to Christine.
Katie B.

Discover the Easy Way to Master Reading