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Who Is Christine Newton?

Hi, My name is Christine Newton and I am a specialist literacy and numeracy tutor. I have a passion for teaching children to read and currently have a limited number of private students who are all struggling with the same or similar issues when it comes to reading and comprehension. It is from this that my literacy program was created; I needed a way to help children learn to read that was effective but also quick, easy and fun.

My emphasis was on effectiveness. To that end, I have used all the resources that I have gained during my undergraduate degree in English as well as my post graduate degrees; an MA in English Literature (especially the grammar and contemporary writing components) and my current studies in psychology (Graduate Diploma in Psychology).

The result is the program we call ‘Reading Made Easy’. English as a language is based on patterns which can be identified and used to help children learn.

This program focuses on the patterns, or sound blocks as I call them, and teaches children to recognize the sound blocks as opposed to attempting to sound out every letter individually. Sounding out individual letters has limited functionality as it only works for simple word constructions. For example, sounding out individual letters works for words like ‘cat’ or ‘vet’, but breaks down when you have words such as ‘chin’, ‘shell’, ‘squint’ or the even more challenging, ‘laugh’.

Leaning sound blocks allows children to internalize the patterns which are repeated across the words of English.  Children are then able to use their working memory for comprehension tasks as opposed to using all of their working memory to work out what the word is that they are reading. Thereby making learning to read easy.

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P.S. I am always looking for ways to improve the service I can give you, so please let me know if how I can help the most or what has prompted you to seek help for your child.